North Platte Buffaloes 1928-1932

North Platte reentered the professional minor league ranks in 1928 as the Nebraska State League was resurrected for another time. The team was a middle of the road team for most of their years. The depression took its toll and North Platte was not able to answer the call for the 1933 season.


Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Nebraska State League
North Platte Buffaloes 1928

North Platte was a first division club in 1928 as they finished 64 and 57 in 1928.

They were second in the league in attendance with over 14,000 fans during the season.

Walter Seelman was an honorable mention all star and held down first base for the year. He averaged .328 while playing in 121 games.

Second base was held down by Pizer. He averaged .263 in 11 games.

Third base for North Platte was handled by Elmer Peters. The Belleville Illinois native was named to the all star team and was in the top 10 in seven different offensive categories.

Sundstrom was a regular at shortstop. He averaged .320 for the season.

Behind the plate in 1928 was Walter B. "Pepper" Clark He batted .355 for the season which was third best in the league. He was a first team all star selection. The Spalding Guide lists him as being in the outfield for 99 games and at catcher for 99 games and playing in 112 total games.

Johnny Jones played for both North Platte and Fairbury during the year. He was named an honorable mention all star.

Benny Hyland played for both North Platte and Grand Island during the year. He was named an honorable mention all star.

Cookson played 108 games in the outfield for North Platte. He averaged .349 for the year.

Joe Smith was a first team all star selection for 1928. The Frankfort Kansas native was 16-15 for the season. He pitched a seven inning no hitter on July 29th.

Grant Kronquest was named an honorable mention all star for North Platte. He was 14-4 in 23 games.

Gleason was 7-8 in 21 appearances.


North Platte spent most of the 1929 season in the cellar of the Nebraska State League. Washington Seelman was their one bright star, averaging .372 in 116 games for the Buffaloes. The team was fourth in club batting with a .284 average but they were last in fielding. Their two best pitchers, Smith and Pinkerton both had ERA's over 5 for the season. Their lack of consistent pitching was the downfall of their title hopes in 1929.

Manager Joe Pizer, a former Nebraska star tried a lot of different pitchers during the season.

First base for the franchise in 1929 was held down by Washington Seelman for 55 games. He also played a few games at second and in the outfield. In all, he played in 116 games and led the team with a .372 average. He went on to lead the league in batting in 1930 and was picked up by Des Moines for the 1931 season. Gregory played on first for 64 games and a number of games in the outfield. He averaged .276 in his 113 appearances.

In the dirt at second base was Joe Pizer. He was the manager for the team in 1929 and averaged .260 for the year. Seelman also played a number of games at second.

Third base for the Buffaloes was held down by Elmer Peters. He was one of the few steady performers for the team and held the position for 105 games. He averaged .333 for the season.

Short stop was a revolving position for the franchise in 1929. Sauers played the position for 17 games, Kruckman was there for 22 games and Martin also played some games at the position. None of them were in the top half of the league in fielding.

The catcher for 1929 was Honer. He was last in the league in fielding the position, but those who followed the league considered the pitchers to be the problem and not his ability behind the mask. He averaged .237 for the Buffaloes.

Only one of the North Platte outfielders managed to play in the garden for more than 100 games in 1929 indicating the problems the team had during the year.
Walter Cookson tended the garden for 111 games and averaged .285 for the season.

Pinkerton was on the field for 69 games and averaged .342 for the season.

J. Jones played in 42 games and averaged .358.

Smith was in 42 games and had a .300 average. Luke played in 25 games and averaged .212 at the plate.

Pitching was not a strong point for the Buffaloes as none of their pitchers managed a winning record.
Smith appeared in 21 games and had a 4-13 record.

Pinkerton was in 22 games and managed to win 8 while losing 10

Bert Gregory appeared in 9 games and had a 1-3 record.

Cunningham played in 29 games for both North Platte and Norfolk in 1929. He had a 10-14 record.


North Platte had a roster of heavy hitters in 1930. They had the leading hitter in the league with Washington Seelman averaging .373 and Cookson averaging .362. Both played in all 120 games for the Buffaloes. Their fielding and pitching did not match their hitting as they wound up the year with a 60-60 record anad a fourth place finish.

Bert Gregory played in all 120 games in 1930 at first base for North Platte. He averaged .307 for the Buffaloes.

Washington Seelman led the league with a .373 average. He was optioned to Des Moines at the end of the season. As with Gregory, Peters and Cookson, he played in all 120 games during the season.

Elmer Peters was another ironman for North Platte in 1930. He played in all 120 games and averaged .296 while playing the hot corner.

Putting on the mask for 105 games was Fowlkes. He played in 111 games total and averaged .305.

Cliff King played in 48 games and averaged .233.

W. Cookson was a regular in the garden. He played in all 120 games and averaged .362 for the season.

H. E. Keyes played in 68 games and averaged .241.

R. B. Schleicher was a regular. He played in 111 games and was another 300 hitter for the Buffaloes averaging .302.

Goetschel played in 68 games and averaged .279.

Ed Beranek pitched in 35 games and had a 14-8 record with a 4.19 ERA>

L. C. Winstead appeared in 33 games and had a 16-12 record with 118 k's.

Jess Haynes had an 8-7 record in 16 games.

Joe Smith was 6-7 and Bridges was 4-8 with a 5.12 ERA.


As the depression deepened throughout America, the number of professional baseball leagues dwindled. This would be the last year for North Platte. The depression just bit into attendance to the point where they could not support the franchise after the 1932 year. With Norfolk running away from the pack, interest in the games was not what was needed to keep people turning the turnstiles.

After their great run of 1931, North Platte returned to the middle of the pack in 1932. They were third in batting but last in fielding for the year.


Cornelissen played 105 games at first and averaged .236 and struck out 105 times during the year.

H. Goetschel played in 87 games at second base and averaged .340.

S. Goetschel played 21 games at third base for North Platte.

Massman played 107 games in the infield. He averaged .248.

Catcher for the year was Bujaci. He averaged .274 in 92 gaems behind the mask.

Art Moore was a league all star. He averaged .243 in 92 games.

Henry Fiarito was listed as an All Star for 1932 but his listing in the averages was not to be found.

Allison was a regular in the garden for 1932. He averaged .333 in 55 games.

Levinson averaged .259 while tending the garden for 75 games.

Owen played in 101 games and averaged .348.

Other players for North Platte in 1932 included Jackson, McKain and Freauf.


Heitschmidt was 5-3 in 12 appearances.

West was 12-11 in 26 appearances.

Anderson was 9-9 in 28 games. He had 111 k's.

McMullen was 4-5 for North Platte in 1932.

J. Smith was 4-5 in 1932.

Apple was also 4-5 for North Platte.

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